Up N Out Sports

Our passion is sports


Up N Out Sports has a passion to get children up off the couch and outside to learn and develop themselves in different sports. Thus, the name Up N Out Sports.


Something For Everyone!

With programs for children and adults of all abilities from the age of 6 in sports like Football (Soccer), Netball, Oz Tag, Touch Football or our popular Fun and Fitness program. Up N Out Sports can help with yours or your child’s health and wellbeing.

Our Sports specific programs have been designed to develop players of all abilities.

The programs are challenging but achievable, guaranteeing that each player has the opportunity to excel in terms of individual skills and game play.

The coaches at Up N Out Sports have the philosophy that player development can be achieved in a fun family environment with the emphasis also on the players personal development and well-being.

The Fun and Fitness program is a great way for children and adults to just get out and be active in different ways. Our afterschool programs have been a huge hit with the kids and parents as a cost friendly way of after school care.

If you would like more information about the Up N Out Sports programs click on the contact us tab.

Up N Out Sports is fantastic. The kids love it and its fantastic to get them out of the house and doing something healthy and active. The activities & sports they provide are wonderful and are a huge success with the kids involved.

Alicia Milano


Up N Out Sports

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