Fun and Fitness



Fun And Fitness Program


As the name suggests Up N Out Sports provides the Fun and Fitness program where children can engage in a number of different sports and fun activities with their friends in a safe and fully supervised environment.

Our Fun and Fitness program caters for parents that are looking for cost effective after school care and support in school holiday periods for their children that may not excel or wish to excel at a certain sport.

We, at Up N Out Sports understand that every child needs to have a balance of tertiary and also being outside having fun but sometimes due to work commitments of caregivers/parents that this is difficult.

The Fun and Fitness program is our most popular with spots being booked out quickly as we can only cater for a set number of children.


The program is designed to help each child to develop their fine motor skills, team work, self confidence and peer relationship skills. Some of the activities that we provide are:

  • Ball games.
  • Tug O War.
  • Kiddie Olympics.
  • Relay races.
  • Obstacle Courses.

If you would like more information about the Up N Out Sports programs click on the contact us tab.

Fantastic way to get the kids out of the house and do something fit and healthy. They highly enjoy it too so that is an extra added bonus! Can’t thank the team enough at Up N Out Sports for the programs they have.

Paul Ryan